Morning Coffee

14 03 2009

I lay back down for a minute after the alarm sounded this morning. Then I heard my retarded daughter moving around in the kitchen so thought I better check on her. When I entered the room, she was leaning against the counter, eyes downcast. She said, ‘I made a mess, Mom’. She had certainly done that! She had tried to make coffee for the two of us and coffee grounds were everywhere. They were piled on top of the coffee pot, on the counter, in the open drawer, on the floor. My first thought was to get mad and fuss at her. But then I realized she had done the best she could. So I just patted her shoulder and asked her to help me clean up the mess. How could I possibly get mad at her when she had done the best she could? God only asks this of each one of us, that we do the best we can every day. How could I ask more of her than God asks of me?
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Thanks, Bet



One response

14 03 2009
Kin Robles

Well done, Mom! And, I couldn’t agree more “the best you can” is exactly what is asked of us.


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