History #4

14 03 2009

Well, we had been having such a great life that all the troubles sort of sneaked up on us.  Suddenly, only it wasn’t suddenly at all, the world changed. That media – you know the box in the living room – suddenly erupted with the most awful mess of noise and anger and problems that you could ever imagine. And right smack dab in the middle of all of it were the country’s children – those who had been showing off a bit too much and were now really showing off. Some were taking part in the peace demonstrations all over the country and of course the media was covering every single event. But they didn’t seem to be very peaceful with any of their demonstrations. They were all running around giving the peace sign to each other and demonstrating every chance they got. Now there were demonstrations being held everywhere for any and all reasons and the highways were full of young people hitching rides going from one demonstration to another. Walking the highways with tattered clothes, dirty faces, and hair, hair everywhere, they all needed a shave and a haircut.  What happened to the nice looking young people everyone had raised? They had all disappeared and they didn’t much care what the demonstration was about anyway. It was free meals and fun for all and even free sex. I heard one person state that you could just walk on the street, have your eyes meet with a member of the opposite sex and spend the afternoon having free sex. You didn’t even have to know their name. Now isn’t that something though. What a horrible sub life. And what had happened to the good life we all had? They were busy destroying all of it for all of us. These young people were demonstrating all the time and breaking all the laws of the land. This was covered in the media also.
But the most important thing to remember here is that, not only were these people breaking the laws of the land, they were also systematically breaking God’s Laws. Those Ten Commandments that had been given to mankind by God so many years ago were simply for the trampling nowadays. Mankind had existed all these years by following God’s rules, but no more. Everyone had forgotten that those Ten Commandments are what make civilization civil.  

First, it was the Law of taking God’s name in vain. You could hear this everywhere you went these days. Complete irreverence. Second was the honoring of God. Boy, that was a hoot. Who even took the time to think about God, except in a derogatory way? And then comes keeping the Sabbath Holy. Ha! No one even thought about that one anymore, unless they were demonstrating at a Church somewhere. And killing – it was in all the news reports about women having abortions. So not only did they kill, but they killed their own. And stealing was an obvious humorous privilege for these young people.  There were even books written about how to get away with stealing and they were popular books at that. Adultery was rampant, everywhere, and bragged about constantly. Coveting was a way of life.  Remember the Jones that we all had to keep up with? That was a way of life now. Honoring father and mother was a real disaster. Not only did they not honor their parents, they ridiculed them, argued with them, fought them at every turn, and eventually turned against them completely. I heard of one family that was traveling, pulled into a service station for gas. The young adult son got out of the back seat, crossed the highway, put out his thumb, a car stopped and he got in it. The family never saw the boy again, never knew what happened to their son.  

The pill came out about this time and everyone was excited, so much so in fact, that sex became even more rampant. Now no one had to be responsible for anything. Complete birth control, no responsibility, what a life. What a degrading disgusting life. Now all the young people really had the world on a string. They didn’t have to account for anything they did in their lives. Complete irresponsibility in all areas. Live as they choose. Find their own space. Do as they please. None of this would hurt anyone. Wouldn’t bother anyone. They could live any kind of life they wanted and they did.  Boy, how they did.  

My father was watching TV one evening, turned to me and said, ‘it took us all my lifetime to come up to the standard of living we have now.  And they – meaning the marchers and trouble makers – have taken us back down three generations’, and he was right.  

I had a distant relative who, during the depression years, wrapped himself in newspapers to ward off the cold and became a hobo, a bum.  He wanted to ride the rails in a boxcar, hitch the highways and live that supposed good life, free of ties and responsibility. Now, this generation of young people wanted to do the same thing. They wanted to walk the highways, ride the rails, cheat, lie, steal, live that supposedly good life of no responsibility, no ties, no problems, thus no real adult life. They didn’t even know enough to wrap themselves in newspapers because they never had been cold or hungry, nor had they actually done without anything. This was the generation that had everything. Their parents had worked constantly to provide that great wonderful life for these darlings and now look at them. They were wearing  dirty, filthy clothes, never washing, having dirty hair filled faces, yet knowing everything. They could tell you in a minute how to run the world. They had so little experience in life, yet they really thought they knew it all. You just needed to ask them and the media did, and their views on life were broadcast constantly throughout the country and the world every day all day long.

Even the shows on television were now ridiculing our country and all our officials. Even the president and his staff were up for constant ridicule. I assumed the persons on the television were much more capable of running our country, or ruining it.  

And the American people got the blame again for another war. We didn’t do our part. We didn’t do what we should have. When in fact, we were all sick and tired of war, war, war. We had war all our lives. We didn’t want anymore wars. We wanted peace. We wanted to go back to life as it had been just a few short years ago before the world changed so drastically. We wanted responsible young people, we wanted honest politicians; we wanted peace; and we wanted a level playing field for all. We wanted to be left alone and allowed to live our lives as we saw fit. We didn’t want to see or hear anymore about problems everywhere. Enough was enough!  




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