History #3

14 03 2009

Back in the late 40’s/50’s, time were a’ changing, that’s for sure. As I said on the previous page, new mothers were told not to nurse their newborns anymore. It wouldn’t make that much difference anyway according to the doctors and society in general. This meant that the mother didn’t have to worry about putting on all that weight after giving birth. Since she would not be storing that milk for the baby, she would have her figure back pronto. So all young mothers were now expected to look sleek and trim, constantly. Pants came into vogue and all the young mothers were expected to wear them now.

Suddenly, we started having shortages of everything. First were coffee and sugar and then bacon and numerous other things. There was always a reason for each one of the shortages of course, but the main reason was to raise the prices. Now everyone was beginning to shop, shop their grocery lists, going all over town to get the best prices on whatever was in shortage at this time. About the only thing there wasn’t a shortage of during these years was babies. Now that women no longer had the natural birth control that nursing gave them, they were having more and more babies with shorter time between those babies. And of course there was also no shortage of ball fields. So mother had the babies and the car to drive and the baseball fields to frequent. The husbands were out doing their share of the driving these days also. A lot of them had the latest great job – that of traveling salesman. They pulled out of their driveway on Monday morning and did not return until Thursday or Friday afternoon. A great life. They made great commissions and everyone was living the good life, all the time. Mother was worked to a frazzle, so was dad, but everyone was expected to do just that. No one complained much. Cooking out on the grill became a craze and so now when dad came home, he got to cook out on the grill over the weekend. While mother ran the washer, the dryer, and the dishwasher and bathed a few babies. Still no complaints. It was a great life out here in ever, ever land. And of course we all watched TV all the time, too. We enjoyed the sitcoms with their simple story lines and laugh tracks. We watched the game shows and rooted for the winners. We enjoyed seeing the variety shows which were on at the appropriate times. What a life! Why everyone even had a private line telephone by now, too. That was a great change for the better. That phone rang all the time, too.  

Now the media changed their news shows to include commentary, so not only did we get to watch the news and find out all that necessary stuff that was going on all over the world, but then we got to hear opinions about what was happening all over the world. We really had it made! Sort of.  

By now, we had been through several presidents, some good, some better, some worse. Truman didn’t have a clue about the atomic bomb, if you will remember the stories and yet he made a great president. Eisenhower was a war hero and was elected because most people revered him because of what he had done to help end that terrible war. We had also been through many so-called programs. We had another war or two and had not found any real peace in this world. The public was sick of the wars and not willing to put anymore effort into them. We wanted to live in peace now. It was time. We had all paid our dues. It was time to stop killing and get on with living for a change. but the politicians and military of the world didn’t seem to share these views so, we just kept on having wars.

And the politics just kept being the same old thing.  If we had a democratic president, we paid a lot more taxes and got a lot more government programs.  Same old stuff.  If we had a republican president, we had gridlock.  We always had a democratic congress that would spend that money if it was a democratic president and if we had a republican president and a democratic congress, the country would grind to a slow stall and we would have to wait it out, hoping that congress would finally do something to let us all get going again.  Same old thing.  Same old stuff over and over again.  Some of those senators and congressmen had been in the congress all their lives.  They were not about to give up their seniority nor their positions and so we were at their mercy over and over again.

The people who refused to carry their share of life’s burdens by putting in an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay could count on the democrats to give them something for nothing.  The republicans demanded that honest day’s work to get the honest day’s pay; the democratic congress couldn’t let that happen.  Same old story today.  

More tomorrow.  Meanwhile, there is a whole other generation coming up in history #4.  

Thanks, Bet




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